Apr 24, 2011

God will bless!

I am overly excited at what God has done for me. Just for being obedient. He told me to have faith and strength in Him and do some things/ not do some things. At first it was hard but I kept the faith and God pulled through as always!

One of the big things was realizing that my body is God's temple! I can't just put anything into it and definately cannot do what I want with it. The more junk I filled into myself the harder and harder it was to hear from God!. I just got to a point in my life when I was fed up! with it all! I was like life cannot be this hard! The truth is it isn't if you are obedient. We will have our tests and trials but can withstand anything because we are tested but there is nothing that is put on us that we cannot handle through Christ...

I was in my Hotel TDY and was eating my eggs looking outside the window and it hit me GOD has freed me! He has blessed me beyond what I thought I deserved.

Bottom line God loves us and He will always come through! What He promises He WILL deliver. Never doubt have Faith and stand strong and God will deliver. The word says that we will see our reward in the end if we press forward and faint not...

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