Feb 11, 2011

God is gooood! OK so I paid off my car. Yes this big hunker here! I know that I'm always preached to about if you tithe God will pay you back. I used to not have faith and would hold onto my money so tight when it came for titheing and offering lol. Soon enough I started to go into debt and I was like why not try God, and heres a concept, have faith in my increase that I would recieve from him. I'm not gonna lie it's hard letting that money go! There was times when all I had left of funds was the money I was supposed to tithe! When I set my mind to it I decided to go ahead and give it all to God, even when it was my last. Some might say that they don't tithe because churches use it to pay the Pastors or for the Pastors car payments ::small snicker::. I won't lie some churches this may be true but not in all. Regardless of the fact let God deal with them as long as you are obedient to God you will get your blessing!

Long story short, God has NEVER let me down! My truck  is paid off in the states, my car is paid off here, and on top of that I may have a house already when I go home! Because of my faithfullness God has blessed me and continues to do so. It's all about being obedient and serving!

Now I can start saving money and setting up for me and my kids future successfully!

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