Feb 17, 2011

It's Gucci though!

Today was awesome. The day started out with work of course then me and my friends decided to go to the outlets and shop. We went to the Okinawa outlet mall. It had all the finest tastes out there. The first store we see is the Gucci store. My friend warned me that as soon as I walked in the prices would make me walk right back out. She wasn't lying! The first bag I saw was $1000!!! I was like ok Ima buy the smallest thing so that at least I can say I bought something Gucci but a keychain was $150!!!

 It was fun however to be in the store and act like I was rich lol. Most of the stores out there were like this! I finally find a Reebok store and an Adidas store and was happy. I finally just bought a $30 designer shirt. I can't wait for the day when God blesses me to the point where I can buy whatever I want. I just sometimes think even if I had that money would I waste it on the most expensive bags or would I use it for His will. Sometimes these things can be so enticing but we must know that our real treasures are in Heaven and are far better then Gucci bags that I can't take with me when I pass. Store your treasures in Heaven where rust nor moths can destroy. Gucci is nice but store your treasures properly in Heaven. Be happy with what you got.

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