Feb 13, 2011

God, My Valentine

Happy Valentines Day I guess,

So I just got into a heated discussion about why people don't celebrate valentines day. Ok it was me and my boyfriend arguing on why he doesn't celebrate it. His arguement, why spend one day to show someone you care. My arguement, you never show me on a daily basis that you care anyways!!! You say it all the time but action speaks louder then words! I am so upset right now and fighting back tears, after all I've been crying for like 1 hour already. He's on this SF assignment so I don't see him except to go to bed at night and when he wakes up at the crack of dawn to go to SF. So all week I don't see him and today is his only day off and we argue. I figure today we could celebrate Vday which brought up the discussion, after all he will be in the field for 3 days and not coming home-to include Vday! I was totally let down. I feel like he didn't miss me while he was gone, which he admits, and on top of that he thinks Vday is stupid so I don't get my Vday!
     The question I ask now is why do we put so much importance on Vday anyways? It was tradition with me and my family, we celebrate all holidays. Is it because we get gifts and are told we are loved on that day. God once again being the wonderful Father he is shined a light on me. For one, why am I seeking love in man. Man's love is conditional, God's love is unconditional. I'm looking for something that is right in front of my face! I want reassurance from my boyfriend that he loves me and he says he does but really where are the actions. So I figured that valentines would be the perfect time for that, and he DOESN'T EVEN CELEBRATE IT!!

God told me he can solve both my problems in one breath. 1. My daughter I will be your valentine. 2. I will always love you inspite of your mistakes, you'll never have to question that!

I love the Lord and will always put him first. Man has NOTHING on God and never will! <3

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Kmbal said...

I had to discover this myself. Man's feelings for us change all the time, but God's love is constant. He is the one who created us and knows what we need. If we are seeking man for approval and acceptance, we will be disappointed.