Feb 12, 2011

My dream and God's Salvation

We did a Bible study in the barracks and my lil Sis Brittany talked on Salvation. Well last night I had a horrible dream about my boyfriend and I, seems off topic but bare with me. Me and my O so wonderful boyfriend were dating and were they happiest of people. Well one day I decided to go out with the girls and drink. I went out with them but didn't enjoy it at all so I went home to my man. As I walked in the door he was packing his things. He found out about some things that I had been doing, not cheating but was mistaken as that. He said it was over. In my dream I was horrified!!! I begged and asked why but he wasn't bugging it was over and that was it. He walks out the door and I feel an incredible sadness. The next day he comes and knocks on my door and asks what I'm doing today, I was ecstatic thinking everything was ok. I asked and he said no we are just friends. I was like no I can't be your friend, like the old Deborah Cox song says we can't be friends cause I'm still in love with youuuu. ::Singing:: He continued to insist that that was all we were going to be. He continued to say that I didn't build a relationship with him cause all I did was go out. He said all I wanted was the title relationship. END DREAM HERE Well I woke up to his kiss and telling me goodbye (he had to work today) but boy was I pissed and sad at the same time. You know how you feel your dreams when you wake up :).
     I was like ok God what was that about? I took from it that God Salvation is free but like the Bible says you just saying that Jesus died on the cross and accepting Christ and the truth is NOT enough. It's like you just did it to get to Heaven but you must know God and obey his Word! God had a part in it and we have a part in it. Think on this God's part: Grace and Mercy, Jesus death at the cross, Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and God's Word. Our Part: Hear and learn God's Word- BIBLE-Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth, Have Faith- saving faith is what you should have-Saving Faith- conviction and trust in Jesus that makes you want to obey God, Repent, Obedience, Confession of Christ, Baptism, Faithfulness and Endurance- NOONE said that once you become a Christian it will be easy. It actually becomes harder but guess what we have the bigger reward and you have Christ that has your back! The last thing needed is Church Membership! You need other Christians to strengthen you up when you feel week.
     I learned from my dream that my man wanted me to spend time with him and not just be a title. God wants us back in that same way! He wants more then just you to say John 3;16 he wants you to believe, act, and spend time with him. Build a relationship with Christ and spread the word so others can share in your joy!

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